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Agnes H. Hagadus


Agnes H. Hagadus is a country girl. She's beginning the new adventure of a relationship with her eternal soulmate. She was inspired by a television show featuring two soulmates. She'll endeavor to continue to write about soulmates, tapping into some of her own life experiences.

Another Time Another Place


Sam/Abby Series


Sam is an SVU detective recently transplanted to New York to escape her troubles. she's a lady's lady. Abby is a nurse in a loveless marriage, but with a secret. She's attracted to women. When Sam is wheeled into Abby's ER, there's an instant connection. The fact Sam's accident was no accident, along with exes and family, get in the way of this budding romance.

Coming Home


Sam/Abby Series


It's several months after the tragic events leaving a shattered Abby in its wake and a lost Sam searching for her family. What will these two soulmates endure to find one another again?

4 Point Play


Jenks is a star basketball player. Her job takes her all over the world. Beth is the team doctor, they have known each other since they were infants. Watch as these two go from best friends to lovers.

Lies In The Dark


Andrea/Alicia Series


Andrea is a private investigator who was saved by a vampire when she was eleven. Enter Alicia who unknowing to Andrea works for The Company who is out to get Gina (vampire). Neither Gina or Alicia are telling the truth. So who can Andrea trust in the end.

Friend or Foe


Andrea/Alicia Series


It's a few months later. Andrea is now with Alicia, but what about her protector? Can she trust Gina? And what is The Company truly after? What does Adam and his brother's visions have to do with it all?

Once Burned


Kathy is a firefighter who has deep emotional scars from attempting to save her four year old brother when she was only nine. Candy also has deep emotional scars from losing her mother, but lives a relatively normal life. When Kathy rescues Candy from a fire, sparks fly. But can they overcome their scars or are they too badly burned?

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