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Adan Ramie


Adan Ramie is primarily a dark fiction author who sometimes dabbles in romance, sci-fi, or anything else that bleeds into her headspace.


When not writing, she likes to drink too much (decaf) coffee, read, binge-watch true crime television, and learn anything and everything. She lives in a small Texas town not unlike Andy Griffith's Mayberry with her wife and kids.

Maladaptation (Deviant Behaviors, #1)

[Suspense/Thriller, novel]


Their motives are simple: one needs to run, one wants to run, and one must chase them both.


Malena “Lee” Barsten is stuck. Raised in foster care and group homes, she’s seen more than her fair share of abuse, and dealt out almost as much in retribution. But when her best friend makes an enemy of a sadistic drug dealer, she has no choice but to run before he kills again.


In the same city, Ruby Isles might as well be living in another world. Money is abundant, but the abuse is just as plentiful. Her plan to leave her husband is dashed when she crosses paths with Lee, and she is thrown into a world filled with more violence, and more love, than she has ever known.


Detective Harrison “Harry” Thresher picks up the scent when an exotic dancer is violently murdered, and fingerprints link the wife of a prominent businessman to the crime scene. Against orders, she follows the case down a dark and twisted path littered with bodies. Will she be able to save the lives of the two people who escaped the drug dealer’s wrath with her career intact?


Cluster B (Deviant Behaviors, #2)

[Suspense/Thriller, novel]


The kids aren’t all right in the local youth shelter. They’re dropping like flies, and the one person who cares is forbidden from following their bloody trail…

In this sequel to Maladaptation, Harry Thresher has been stripped of her badge and her livelihood pending a formal investigation into the shooting death of a former suspect. She’s furious – and bored as hell. On the lookout for something to distract her from her misery, she goes to the local youth shelter to take her mind off her misery and stumbles onto something ominous.

When a missing boy comes back with a bloody surprise, Harry knows she must risk losing her badge forever to save the kids — and the woman — she has come to love.


Pre-Orders [Release - March 20, 2016]

A World of Deviant Behaviors, Book 1: Lee

[Anthology, Short stories]


Even before Maladaptation, Lee Barsten was troubled…


Five short stories from the life of one of Maladaptation's main characters.

Crumbling: A Christmas Horror Story

[Short Story, Clean Horror]


What comes out of her oven this time might not be all sugar and spice.


Sandy lives to bake. Passed down through the generations, Candyhouse is the only thing the awkward baker has to connect her to the strange, confusing world around her.


So when a miscommunication threatens her livelihood, Sandy loses herself in a secret world of her own creation where the shellac of sugar hides something much more sinister than she could ever imagine.

Lines Blur

[Short Story, Sweet Romance]


Tragedy brings old friends back together and heals the wounds that time could not.


Bonnie and Mandy used to be best friends. That is, before everything changed. Before Bonnie moved away, and stopped taking Mandy’s calls. Before the kiss.


Now, fifteen years later, Bonnie’s finally coming back home to face the best friend she thought she lost.



[Short Story, Paranormal]


The past that has haunted Alana for years has finally caught up to her.


Single mother Alana spent over a decade trying to avoid her stepmother’s snarling judgments. So when she gets the call that the woman has died, she’s more than relieved.


In fact, she’s shocked to find out that the woman’s will specified her as the sole inheritor of everything she owned, including the cold, imposing Victorian home she grew up in.


Against her better judgment, she uproots her kids and heads back home with the hopes of finding a better life, but none of them could have been prepared for what will remain in a house that was always filled with secrets.

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